We’re Passholders Again!

This past weekend, after a long break, we went up to Disney and became annual passholders again! I want to say it was the longest few months of our lives but it was a well needed break for us. We had just gotten married as well as a 22 foot sailboat, that neither of us knew how to use, so we spent the last 10 months learning to sail (check us out at appleandrob.com), surviving our 1st year of marriage and talking about going back to Disney again soon.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming year and all the magic it has to offer. With the opening of Galaxy’s Edge and all the wonderful restaurants we aren’t afraid to try now that we have Tables in Wonderland, sharing all of that with you is the most exciting part. We can’t wait to explore the parks like we’ve never seen them before.

Take a look at our very first video on YouTube with many more to come. Don’t forget to subscribe!



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