Animal Kingdom at Night

Day one of our Memorial Day weekend adventure to the parks. Apple had never seen the River of Lights show or Animal Kingdom at night for that matter. This weekend was the weekend to finally see it. Animal Kingdom closed at 10pm as opposed to its normal closing time of 9pm and the most magical of all, this night they premiered an all new night time spectacular, River of Lights: We Are One. Watch is all here:

If I hadn’t mentioned before, we run an annual passholders group on Facebook. It’s actually quite popular and we have gotten to know several really cool people over the past year and a half. People we have never met in person truth be told. So every visit we have taken so far usually starts with a message in the groups asking who is here so we can finally say hello. This day we met up with Stephen and it’s not surprising that we all got along famously.

We tapped the app for a bit and got some great fastpasses. To start the afternoon right, we rode a banshee.


The food at Satu’li Canteen is pretty good. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend this place for a quick service restaurant. They don’t give Annual Passholder discount or Table’s in Wonderland. They do however give great service with a topping of that Disney Magic everyone loves to hear about.


Oh, if a cast member is just as amazing as the one who brought us this awesome desert that we have been itching to try, you can tweet at Disney using #castcompliment and make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Be sure to give them some info like the day, time frame and place they were when they provided optimal hospitality. You could even post a picture.

The guys somehow got me to go on Expedition Everest again. I don’t know how they do it. Wait… yes I do. They get all chatty and make me forget that I’m afraid of heights until I’m already strapped in to the car. To be honest, once I talked myself through this, it wasn’t as scary as the first time I rode it, although the fear in my face on the picture is pretty genuine. Stephen and Rob were having too much fun with this one.


The new River of Lights: We Are One was premiering that night and they had 2 showings. We had fastpasses for the later show. So, to waste a little time we stopped in the Nomad Lounge for some cocktails. Stopping here was a first for us. We general don’t do the fancy drinks on property mainly because they are just so expensive. They do give you a Tables in Wonderland discount so it didn’t hurt that much. Glad to say that the drinks were amazing!


I have never seen River of Lights before so I don’t know what to compare the new one to but I have to say it was a very colorful and visually appealing show.

Thank you for letting us share our experiences with you. Comment what your favorite part of Animal Kingdom is. Also, let us know which nighttime spectacular you liked best, the old River of Lights or the new River of Lights: We Are One.



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