Resort Hopping on the Walt Disney World Monorail

The day started at Epcot and we met up with a few friends. Since we were still feeling patriotic, because it was Independence Day weekend, we went to the America Pavilion and watched the American Adventure.

We started the day a little late because Rob was sick. By the time we got to spend any time with our friends at Epcot, they had to head back home and then the rain came… So we decided to go resort hopping on the Walt Disney World monorail.

Our first stop was The Grand Floridian Resort where we did a little browsing in the shops and Rob got the band to sing Happy Birthday to me.

Our next stop was The Polynesian Village. We looked around in the shops and I got laid hehe. My birthday wasn’t until the following day (Sunday) but we were leaving then so I wore my birthday shirt and button and we celebrated on Saturday.


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We tried to get a bite and a cocktail at Trader Sams but the rain brought everyone inside. The wait was over an hour and a half to get a seat. So, explored the resort a little more and moved on to the next Resort.

There was a resort launch boat in the back that took us to Magic Kingdom so we can pick up a bus to the Yacht Club. The rain had turned into a bearable mist and the sun was setting which made for a beautiful ride.

I really enjoyed the Yacht Club’s New England Feel being that I am from Massachusetts originally. We walked through both the Yacht Club and Beach Club resorts as they are connected and passed by the beautiful pools and delicious smelling restaurants where we grabbed a snack at the Compass Market to hold us over. We were balling on a budget so dinner was off property this evening.

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