BREAKING: Disney’s Skyliner Gondolas Come To A Halt Leaving Guests Stranded For Hours

UPDATED 10/6/19 @ 12:57AM

All guests have been safety evacuated from the Disney Skyliner System.


As of 11:25 pm the Skyliner is slowly moving again disembarking passengers that have been stuck for nearly 3 hours. We’re glad to report that as of now, no injuries have been reported!


Disney Skyliner has been involved in an incident, if you’re currently aboard just hang tight as the crews are working to disembark passengers as quickly as possible. The collision happened at the Riviera Resort station.

Witnesses say one of the gondolas slid down and crashed into all the others.


Just less than one week after the opening the Skyliner to the public and months and months of testing, we are hearing a sensor went bad. However in a phone call to Disney, the cast said the gondolas should be moving again soon and that as far as she knows, there was no crash.

Reedy Creek Fire Department is wasting no time suiting up and preparing for an evacuation.

In the event something happens and you are stuck on the Skyliner for a long period of time, there is a emergency supply case under the seat and from the photos we’ve seen, it contains water packets, glow stick, notepad and waste disposal bags.





The gondolas are actively being evacuated. Many guests have been stuck for over an hour.


In the even an evacuation from gondolas happens over the water, this barge is used.

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