Adorable Baby Yoda Themed Tumblers Spotted

Ever since Disney+ released the new live action Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” fans (including us) have been absolutely obsessed with this Baby Yoda like creature. Rumors say that Disney didn’t want to release “The Child” merchandise before the show came out like they did for BB-8, the porgs and many others, for fear of ruining the surprise. But we’re not entirely sure how much of a hit Disney thought our “Baby Yoda” would actually be. Here we are only 10 days away from Christmas and the most sought after themed merchandise is few and far between.

Tervis has unveiled a line of Mandalorian themed tumblers featuring “The Child.”

Check out the full line of Tervis tumblers on We spotted these perfect stocking stuffers at our local Publix Supermarket for a discount.

No photo description available.

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