Finding Disney Magic in the North Georgia Mountains

Who would have thought that we would discover some Disney magic in our vacation in the North Georgia mountains. We came up to our cabin to get away from South Florida for a bit and while we were ringing the New Year up here we figured we can also get some work done in the cabin. It’s pretty much walls, an old TV, 2 recliners in front of the fireplace and some air mattresses.

The last couple of times we’ve been up here, there was a garden off the main road we would pass and every time we did I would repeat “we gotta stop there and check it out!” The place is called Sleepy Hollow and the artist creates beautiful whimsical fairy and hobbit style houses from small birdhouses to large treehouse playhouses.

As we were getting dressed deciding what to do and bundling up because our Florida blood couldn’t handle the 40 degree weather, I decided to Google the place before we stopped in. As I read the story about Sleepy Hollow and the artist, I became ecstatic when I found out he is a former Disney imagineer!


He was also an artist who contributed to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as well as well as Universal Orlando Resort, Dollywood and Six Flags to name a few. I called right away to confirm they were open and will allow us to come with our camera and meet him.

As we were diving up onto their property I told Rob “I bet he worked a lot on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain just based on what I see” We were so eager to talk to him and had so many questions.

In former Disney Imagineer, Arthur Millican’s workshop.

We only planned to stop in for an hour or so to get some footage and say hello to former Disney Imagineer, Art Millican but it turned into a 2 1/2 hour visit just chatting it up, discussing passion for the arts and our love for Disney. It turns out his home town is not too far from my home town in Massachusetts. He asked if I was and artist and I said no… I corrected myself and talked about my mediums and how I would consider myself one if I had more time to practice. Call it being too humble but I felt so unworthy to call myself an artist in the presence of an imagineer. They are celebrities in my book.

Not only was I right about him having worked on the attractions in Frontierland but he was an imagineer for over 15 years so he worked on pretty much everything from Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Resort Orlando. He still works with Disney when they call in a subcontractor capacity.

It was such an amazing visit that the entire drive to our next place to visit I was trying to convince Rob to move up to the cabin and see how we could convince Art to hire me so I can be an apprentice and just learn anything I can. Of course he reminded me that we would be extremely far from the parks and any cruise port so that wouldn’t be smart.

::UPDATE:: The video is here!

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