A Whole Lot of Disney Magic

As one of the Admins of a large Disney Facebook group, you can imagine the amount of messages I get on a daily basis…”why was my post deleted” “can I see something in the group” “why was I muted, I swear I didn’t do anything deserving of it” and so on. But one message stuck out to me, so I had to respond. The way it ended really restored my faith in humanity.

Here’s how this huge amount of Disney Magic started.

For the privacy of the family, at least until she has officially made the announcement to her loved ones, we are going to call her… Leslie

When Leslie and her (now) husband got engaged, it was a no brainer to have their engagement photos taken at the Magic Kingdom. Many moons and one pandemic lockdown later…Surprise! Leslie’s expecting and it was their dream to announce the amazing news of their first born child, to their family and friends by doing a photoshoot the same way they celebrated their engagement. Theres just one big problem, they live out of state and due to the pandemic, they haven’t been able to make it over and wont be able to until the little one comes. So, this is why Leslie reached out to me, hoping for a little bit of magic and I was more than excited to help her!

Leslie has many friends in the Disney Annual Passholder Group so she couldn’t make the request herself. That would spoil the surprise. I decided asked around to some friends, and the other moderators of our group, to see if anyone was able to help out. She was willing to pay for the ears, get them embroidered and compensate for the time of whoever was willing to take on the task but none of the people I asked were available or able to get a reservation at Magic Kingdom in such short notice. I decided to make the post in the group asking for volunteers.

There was a decent response to the request but then something urged me to reach out to a YouTuber friend of ours, Nathan of Paging Mr. Morrow, to see if he was able to this because he’s at the parks often. Nathan responded that he was happy to but is having a hard time getting a reservation and he would try his best. When I asked Leslie if she wanted to wait, she trusted my opinion on this and said she would be happy to.

You know that saying we are always told “Good things happen to those who wait”? Well what Nathan did was, to me at least, just the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while and even though I don’t even know Leslie beyond the chitchatting about trying to organize this shoot, I was in tears.

Not only did Nathan take beautiful pictures, refuse to allow her to pay him back and offered to ship them to her so she can have the keepsake, he put this experience in his latest video. To put the icing on the cake, when he went to Main Street USA to find the shop that does the embroidery, he learned that it was the last day the hat shop and the candy shop would be open. He was over the moon that he got to be there and was able to soak it all in on the very last day. I guess that’s what happens when you do a good deed without wanting anything in return, the universe throws you a bone sometimes.

Watch the video here to see the fantastic photoshoot he did for Leslie

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